We Shall Never Be

Today I’m making friends with the idea that we—you and I—may never be…



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“Once so deep-hearted Prince of mine:

You have disappeared into the ocean of time, into the waves of a neverending nothingness from which you arose.

From existential ecstacy to odious oblivion, we were rising so rebelliously, so romantically
so readily in laughter, libido and love, only to fall so awfully apart.

Only to watch Us vanish into less than as much as a single particle of dust.

The echo of your silence, the reverberation of your once so blissfully burning soul…all I can feel now is a wall of ignorance with bricks of carelessness and cold.

We shall never be. 

The flame will never be lit.

The rosebud of our passion shall infinitely stay imprisoned.

The petals and pages of all our stories will not unravel, unfurl or unfold.

We shall never be. 

Two flaming hearts of forever, burned back to ashes.

Our diamondic dream has been reversed into a charcoal desert of dry, death and cry.

I shall never be found, for we got lost in a throwback in time.

We shall never be, because you no longer look for me.

We shall only ever be…

A relation of non-existance

A withered vision

A love unalike, but untold and untrue.”

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A Bond of Light


The soft and rose-colored light

is breaking through the window
shattering the glass of time

With it’s shining rays of love
it enlightens her
The arms of the light hold her
with a touch of grace
bringing back memories of her mother’s embrace

In the reflections in the window
Two smiling teardrops
are dancing in a past-time paradise
as they run down her cheeks

In the window from the land of her childhood
Echoes of fantasies and fairy-tales sing a song in sync
with the light that breaks through
the glass of time

An endlessly many times
The velvety venus light
has shined through that window
with it’s warmth, caressed her tears
with it’s love, showered her fears

An undying bond between a girl and her mother
An eternal connection of the present and it’s past
The unbreakable light of life and love
Shines through the window
Beyond all times

This living light
is magically shining memories and mothers alive
Illuminating the random moment with miraculous meaning

This bright, motherly and rebirthing light is what the infinite undying heart of time is made of.

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The shades of blue

Of dancing flowers

Bouquettes of memories

Floating emotions

A scent of water lillies

A perfume of a mother’s love

Of the month of May

And eternal sunshine

In the depths of our hearts

The Anticipators


He was envisioning

How she would assume

That his deep thinking

Was about to determine

What they both were expecting


If only she knew

That his imagination

Was what she believed

it was

They both would understand



I found you in the lonesome valley;

In the valley of death, I found me.

In the shadows of the trees

I found you


By reaching


I found me

In the lonesome valley

in the shadows of death

Our Hearts melted together

in just one breath

The Swan and The Sky


The White Swan
rising into the silvery air 
An armful of white blossoms
A perfect commotion of silk like soft velvet as it leans
into the bondage of its wings 
A bank of lilies
Biting the air
A shrill dark music 
Of the ripples from the lake the sunshine pelting the trees  
like a waterfall of light
And did you see it
under the clouds 
A white cross Streaming across the sky
Like black leaves 
Like the stretching light 
of the river 
And did you feel it
in your heart
A silent beauty
Pertained to everything